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Hi! At Pulse Style we create all sorts of fun stuff for the very talented CMS, Pulse.

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Google Maps

version 1.0

This plug-in offers a quick and easy way to add Google Maps to your Pulse pages.


Installing the plug-in

Download the plug-in and FTP the googlemaps.php file into the inc/tags directory in your Pulse install.

Using the plug-in

To add a Google Map to your Pulse blog, block or page use the following Pulse tag where you want the map to appear;

{{googlemaps:address=brooklyn children's museum-new york-usa}}

The only required value in the tag is the address (or location) to center the map on;
address=new york-usa

You can also optionally add in width and height values to specify a fixed or percentage size for the map as well as zoom for the zoom level;

{{googlemaps:address=brooklyn children's museum-new york-usa,width=600,height=300,zoom=12}}

Please note: You can't (currently) use commas in the map address as the plug-in uses these to split the various options out of the Pulse tag. Until this issue can be resolved use regular dashes (-) in place of the commas when specifying the address.

Google Maps details

Version 1.0
Requires Pulse 4.0 or above
Last Updated 21st October 2014

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a simple, yet powerful content management system and is ideally suited to small or medium sized web sites.

We've developed a number of plug-ins, themes and galleries for Pulse to allow you and your clients to add rich content to your sites quickly and easily.

About Pulse Style

Pulse Style is run by Tim Plumb who has been using Pulse for both personal and commercial projects since 2012. Over that time he's created a number of plug-ins, themes, custom galleries and other scripts for the CMS.

Tim can also be found over at Plumb Design, or making cool stuff for Freeway Pro over at Freeway Style and Freeway Actions. Pop by and say hi!

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