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Pulse Action for Freeway

version 1.0

The Pulse Action for Freeway Pro allows you to easily create templates for Pulse versions 4 and above.

What does the Action do?

This page Action will adjust Freeway's default HTML output allowing you to easily convert a standard HTML into a Pulse 4 template.

Specifically the Action adds or alters the following code;

  • It adjusts the path to all of the resources (images, CSS, scripts etc) on the page so that Pulse can load them from the templates directory on the server
  • It adds in the correct PHP to display the current page name in Pulse
  • It adds in (or updates) the meta description for the page so, again, the CMS can update this data on the page

Assuming you had an image path like this;

<img id="monarch-logo" class="f-x3" src="Resources/monarch-logo.png" alt="monarch-logo">
the Action will automatically adjust the HTML to become;
<img id="monarch-logo" class="f-x3" src="<?php echo $path; ?>/template/Resources/monarch-logo.png" alt="monarch-logo">
The main Pulse Action interface

Installing the Action

Download the Action file and install it by following these simple instructions.

Using the Action

To convert a page into a Pulse template ensure the page name is set to layout.php (Pulse requires this) and apply the Action to the page by selecting the following menu item;

Page > Actions > Pulse - make template

Open the Actions palette by selecting the following menu;

Window > Actions

The only option available to the Action is Template location which relates to the name of the templates folder in Pulse. Unless you have changed this in Pulse for some reason it should remain as template.

You can also use the Action to insert the content area into your template. This is the area of the page that Pulse will inject your page content into. Insert your cursor where you want the area to be placed (for an inline construction) and select;

Insert > Action > Pulse - Add content

Once you are happy with your template design publish the page from Freeway and upload the layout.php file and associated Resources and css directories into the template folder within your Pulse install.

Pulse Action details

Version 1.0
Requires Freeway Pro 6 or above,
Pulse 4.0 or above
Last Updated 24th February 2016

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a simple, yet powerful content management system and is ideally suited to small or medium sized web sites.

We've developed a number of plug-ins, themes and galleries for Pulse to allow you and your clients to add rich content to your sites quickly and easily.

About Pulse Style

Pulse Style is run by Tim Plumb who has been using Pulse for both personal and commercial projects since 2012. Over that time he's created a number of plug-ins, themes, custom galleries and other scripts for the CMS.

Tim can also be found over at Plumb Design, or making cool stuff for Freeway Pro over at Freeway Style and Freeway Actions. Pop by and say hi!

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