Reasons You Need a Laundry Folding Machine

Folding clothes is one of the most tedious tasks you can ever do, especially if you are working in a laundry business. There are different techniques of folding clothes. Do you know that a laundry folding machine can help you fold clothes quickly and with less effort? In addition, the machine can fold your clothes in a range of models to suit your needs.

Is there a need to buy a cloth folding machine? The truth is that folding clothes is useful and beneficial. Although it is not a must, you should consider doing it to keep your laundry business tidy.

Why Choose a Cloth Folding Machine?

Minimize Wrinkles

When you fold clothes, you help minimize wrinkles. This is the case when you fold your clothes in a given way and then store in a way that does not put a lot of pressure on fabrics.

Maximize Space

Folding clothes helps you maximize the available space in closets and drawers. It does so by getting rid of air in clothes. If you hang clothes, you will end up hanging fewer clothes in same space. Therefore, folding clothes helps you utilize your laundry space effectively.

Visibility and Accessibility

By organizing and folding clothes, you can create a custom folding system that ensures your customer’s clothes are not lost. In addition, this ensures your clothes are easily accessible. It is quite frustrating not to find your clothes whenever you want them.


It is advisable to keep drawers tidy and neat by folding them. This gives an impression of a laundry shop that is concerned with customer needs. Remember that folding is personal but can help you manage your clothes well.

Methods of Folding Laundry

The laundry folding machine provides different ways of folding clothes. These are some of the ways:

File Folding

File folding is also known as upright folding. In this case, the machine folds clothes in a manner that each cloth stands upright. Also, you can store your clothes in this position to prevent wrinkling.

Retail Folding

This form of folding is common in the laundry shop. The machine ensures all clothes are folded and stacked together. You should note that this fold is not compact enough to have the clothes in an upright position like file folding. The problem with this form of storing and folding is that clothes can develop creases and wrinkles.


This type of laundry folding is also known as military folding. Rather than creating folds, the fabric is rolled instead. If you are going on a vacation or you are a seasoned traveler, this is the best way. When you roll clothes you need to take care to avoid unraveling of the clothes.


There is no best method of folding laundry. The method you choose depends on your laundry needs and those of your customers. For instance, people who do not have kids might not find pocket folding suitable to them. Most of the laundry folding machines available on the market provide all these forms of folding. The machine makes the folding process seamless.



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